Welcome to the Grand Valley State University branch of Capoeira Mandinga. Here you will find information on the group, class times, media and much more. Vem jogar mais nos!

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira at first sight is usually described as "breakdance fighting". The flashy moves catch the public's eye and the culture and history intrigues them. The intricate movements were developed by African slaves in Brazil. They practiced the art in public, hiding its fighting nature in the beats of the berimbau, disguising it as a dance. Capoeira was developed as a fighting style designed for war and has evolved since then, becoming a beautiful art form.

The "games" we play in Capoeira are filled with trickery and mandinga (magic) and the goal is to make your opponent move to your beat. It is a strategic game often compared to chess, where you may not get someone right away, but you set them up and make them move exactly where you want them to.

"Capoeira is for men, women, and children; the only ones who don't learn it are those who don't wish to." -Mestre Pastinha